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fraud alert

Be cautious of email and social media scams. Please be aware that Jens Urbain has one official website and maintains two social media accounts.


Official website



We have received reports of scam emails that purport to be sent by or on behalf of Jens Urbain.

Please note:

  • No investment or financial deal of any kind is concluded directly or indirectly by communications through an uncertified email address or any social media platform (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, an uncertified Twitter account, LinkedIn, etc.)​

  • No emails are sent which request passwords or any personal data be provided by clicking through to an external link or website.

  • When you receive an email purporting to be sent by or on behalf of Jens Urbain, make sure the email is sent from

  • Double-check the email address in the “From” field of any email or social media post (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). The email address should

When you receive an email from an unofficial source:

  • Do not click on any link

  • Do not reply to the email or contact the sender

  • If you have already clicked on a link inside the email, do not enter any information on the webpage to which the link directs you

  • Do not open any attached file


If you wish to authenticate any digital communication purporting to be sent by Jens Urbain, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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